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Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 00:23:00 MDT

[Hermit 1]
[Mermaid 2]
[Hermit 3]
[Hermit 1] Quick comments... Is there a crazy thinking hazard on this thread?

<huge snip>

[Mermaid 2] clarify? is this directed towards me?

[Hermit 3] No doll. Perhaps If you were just a bit smarter, and possibly flattered yourself less, you'd have realized that:a) Nobody received any attention in the letter whatsoever, only certain assertions were addressed.
b) It attempted to address crazy thinking.
c) It stuck to the subject.[Hermit 3] If you attempt to make an argument of it, you might try to do the same. You will probably fail, but it would improve the quality of your writing no end.

[Hermit 3] In addition, had you been capable - or bothered - to learn some consideration, never mind net etiquette, you might have <snipped> the lengthy body of the post to which you responded - as it was utterly irrelevant to comprehending your question.

Hope the reply is helpful

Hermit bowing

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