Drink driving , was Re: virus: a Birthday Greeting Picture for DrSebby from WW

From: Andy Brice (andyb1@btclick.com)
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 04:03:28 MDT

Dr Sebby

I hate to break the party mood, but don't you think drink driving is

I have no sympathy for anyone that gets caught.

Andy Brice

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....dear walter, nothing you can do couldve come close to the absolute
terror i just had about 20min ago. left home soundly drunk, hung out with
an old friend "julie" and her roommate for a few hours, on my return home a
cop did a u-turn 4blocks into my journey and hugged my ass for the next 3
full minutes...i was flat out drunk easily, but there was no reason for him
to suspect it...i think maybe my car matched something he had seen, who
knows, but in the end after keeping him on my ass for many many blocks and a
turn, he just drove off. i have never had such a fortunate b-day in my life
i think. oh, and on a side note, i managed to semi-tame a biting parrot
previously abused by someone...cost me some blood though. :D


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