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Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 23:14:00 MDT

On 12 Jul 2002 at 20:19, Walter Watts wrote:

> The Seven Components of Virian Health

So questions/observations.
> 1) Doubt everything you know until you've verified it at least twelve
> times. Then still be ready to change your position on it if new facts
> come in.

That would take a long time.
"The new framework permits a rationalist to be characterized
as one who is willing to entertain any position and holds all
his positions, including his most fundamental standards, goals,
and decisions, and his basic philosophical position itself, open
to criticism; one who protects nothing from criticism by
justifying it irrationally; one who never cuts off an argument
by resorting to faith or irrational commitment to justify some
belief that has been under severe critical fire; one who is
committed, attached, addicted, to no position."

> 2) Do not put exogenous substances in your bodies on a regular basis,

Like what? You need to be more specific for this to be useful.
Which exogenous substances are "bad"? It is not so clear that
all substances categorised as "drugs are". For example, GHB
and GBL may have beneficial heath effect

Smoking with a vapouriser avoids lung damage. There is some
evidence that a little alchohol is good. Pure heroin will eventually
give you a habit and perhaps contsipation - little more.

Instead of such puritanical advice, it may be better to suggest that
one counters the potentially negative health effects of "drugs".

Furthermore, health also includes mental health/exercise and use of
"drugs" can be beneficial to the mind.

Perhaps a better point would be to ask how much one might gain
from using a given substance, balanced against what one might
loose? Is it then worth it? If I die when I'm 85 instead of 95 from
"drug" use, what have I lost other than 5 years of decreptitude?
What insight/fun/pleasure did I gain when I lived?

Be healthy so your body can stand up to more abuse. :-)

> 3) Exercise. It is simply and verifiably the only way to keep
> physically and mentally "well-balanced" in this button pushing world.
> It's explanations' are grounded in the fundamentals of the same
> endocrinologic loops that shouldn't have exogenous, non-nutritive
> substances introduced into their multi-nodal, multi-system feedback
> loops on a regular basis.

Again, recommendations would be useful.

I would suggest swimming because it is low-impact (not jarring
muscles/bone) and works on the whole body at the same time.

> 4) Read voraciously.

Reading just anything won't do now will it? :-)

I would also suggest conversing a lot; though I doubt anyone here
needs to be told the value of internet fora.

> 5) Love voraciously, either in a monogamous relationship or with
> whomever and how many ever you really CARE for at that level.

Loving more than one

And doesn't loving voraciously include oneself?

> And
> practice safe sex, please.

I have no argument with this. However, there's a certain puritian
tone here too. Some people like sex without love. It can be
valuable, good exercise and pleasureable. Good for health no?



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