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Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 03:45:37 MDT

"today big politics are driven by a new kind of quasi-sentient entity called The Corporation. Corporations are supposed to be led by (disposable) human management, but they have their own survival traits, will, goals and pleasures, they do not need to breath air (only indirectly), and their dream society is the Global Free Market."

I always get bored when conspiracy theories concerning corporations come up. Elaborate theories of that kind without evidence seem to me to entail a stronger role for belief than a great many religions could claim to. My other problem with them is that the larger any organisation gets the more inefficient it often tends to be; differing geographical and product divisions will follow completely different policies usually with either a complete lack of central control or an excessive one which tends to be even more inefficient. I have yet to see a large corporation which did not immediately put me in mind of Dilbert ( Frankly, most of these firms have great difficulty tying up their shoelaces on a morning, let alone conducting global conspiracies.

"All this happened during Clinton's administration. This implies a continuity -- some forces beyond the political scene are at work."

Forgive me for observing this but US exceptionalism and unilateralism are deeply ingrained parts of the national psyche, not recent developments, and certainly not necessarily indicative of a conspiracy. You are speaking as if the same could not have been said of Reagan and Wilson when exactly the same observations were made at the time.

"Given the past involvement of American political and economical circles with the Taleban and the personal heritage of Bin Laden, would it be too far-fetched to think of Bin Laden as a provocateur?"

Given the long history of abject incompetence in US foreign policy would it not be more obvious to regard it as yet another example of blowback?

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