virus: Re:ANNC: New FAQ underway

From: kharin (
Date: Fri Jul 12 2002 - 03:51:11 MDT

Onikan's FAQ reads:

" I'd like to inform all members of the Church of Virus that I am developing a modularized FAQ on the topic of The United States of America. If anyone would like to contribute please email me at Thank you.

The FAQ will serve as a reference for those interested in debating America and its advancement. It will also provide rational Virian truth to how the American government works, facts and figures, and the results of independent research. It will clarify, correct, and append to the many of the arguments and articles appearing in previous debates."

For Squid's sake, please give it a rest. A more factual discussion is certainly welcome but a FAQ is not the place to do it (FAQs being a place to summarise policy not to debate it and certainly not to circumvent debate). I promise you that if you advance cogent and factual arguments without resorting to abuse the people on this list will respond in kind.

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