Re: virus: trivial vs. non-trivial

From: Zloduska (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 22:00:17 MDT

David wrote:

>I just thought I would let everyone know that Lester M. Stacey has been
>banned from sending mail to my server because he sent me some very rude
>private mail.

Gee, I never thought a jilted military personnel would every do such a zany

But anyhow, I think that was an excellent solution to the ever-present
reality of Unavoidable Assholes. I toast to you. Even if you are named
after a Halloween character. (heh) Apparently he had never heard of the
term "internet moniker" or "nick". He clearly felt distraught because he
was too stupid to figure out how to unsubscribe using the website, and then
took offense when others pointed out how very it is to figure out how to

Archibald wrote:

>So strange to pride yourself on death and destruction.

No surprise really. I always get crap from people IRL when I put down the
U.S. military. And like a typical ex-Marine military freak, Lester has the
gall to imply that his bullshit particpation in some stupid exercise of
modern imperialism (not to mention a huge waste of money) is a personal
favor to us, like we owe him something for nothing. They are always full
of false pride with no justification. As if, had those poor victims,
innocent women and children who died in Afghanistan, and all the children
in Iraq, and countless other times, were actually some kind of threat to
Americans watching football games and going to shopping malls. Oh yes,
thank you for destroying third world countries! You are so courageous and
strong! They deserve a thank you for selling their souls to the Man? More
like a combat boot in the ass.

For what it's worth, I have friends in the Army right now, but they don't
hold it over my head like they are superior because of it. They are doing
it for their own personal reasons (like college money or travel opportunity).

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