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Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 14:23:23 MDT

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> Could you do us the favor of listing your lists for us?

Here are the public ones:

>>>> lists serves the following Lists:

  breakthrough Newsletter of developments in science & technology
  cal-vcug Calgary Visual C++ Users Group
  devnull Random funny stuff.
  email-zines E-mail zines newsletter.
  geek-news Technology and computer industry related news.
  n-sf Nanotechnology in science fiction mailing list.
  soc-action Social Action Club at University of Western
  virus Virus is a memetically-engineered religion.
  zero Subscribe to the belief that Man is God.

>>>> lists serves the following Lists:


>>>> lists serves the following Lists:

  exi-az Arizona Extropians
  exi-bay Bay area extropians.
  exi-can Canadian extropians.
  exi-east American east coast extropians.
  exi-euro European extropians.
  exi-la Los Angeles area extropians.
  exi-midwest American midwest extropians
  exi-russia Russian extropians
  exi-tex Textropians.
  extropians Extropy Institute members and friends.

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