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my message above re: "filtering noise" refers.

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> [Les Stacey]
> People like myself who have put themselves in harm's way so that empty
ensembles of clothes can engage in the nonsense the talkative ones here
> [rhinoceros]
> I know how it is when people are bashing what you think as the single most
important thing you have done in your life. This is not new. Many people in
different situations have come to know this. Life is a bitch.
> That said, how do you think going to war in Iraq or Kosovo or even
Afghanistan has helped the people back in the US? As I see it, all this is
happening because of a particular worldview which says that US should get
the money (oil, markets, etc) and be the boss. When someone makes a brave
decision to face the consequences of this particular worldview, why should
the other people who hold a different worldview be grateful and pay the
> And now, a little serious crackpot ranting of my own. Although in theory
people are always responsible for their actions, today big politics are
driven by a new kind of quasi-sentient entity called The Corporation.
Corporations are supposed to be led by (disposable) human management, but
they have their own survival traits, will, goals and pleasures, they do not
need to breath air (only indirectly), and their dream society is the Global
Free Market. The election of an intellectually lacking person such as Bush
as the President of the US seems to be a preparation for some actions which
could not be supported by rational arguments as far as humans are concerned.
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