Re:virus: My Inevitable Uber-post (was: The New Pledge of Allegiance)

From: kharin (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 05:17:02 MDT

"They are essentially hip and touristy, not anarchist."

Also surprisingly conservative, since liberalism is a matter of tradition to a large degree. Try going into an Amsterdam coffee bar and daring to denounce Queen Beatrix... certainly not what you'd call 'punk.'

"Although you did understand my words quite well, I actually am not an "advocate" of social democracy, more like an ally. "

Sloppy phrasing on my part really, since social democracy can hardly be considered to be a single entity but rather something that differs greatly according to the individuals and cultures concerned.

"True to my "Libra" nature, I cannot choose a side. I agree with
socialists in many ways, but would never join them. I have had many run-in
with them on campus and have socialist friends, but their organizations are=
too much like some groovy kind of socially-conscious Borg collective.

Seems perfectly sensible to me; given that most political groups are polarised blocs that tend to preclude free thinking.

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