Re:virus: The New Pledge of Allegiance

From: kharin (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 03:18:00 MDT

It is important that citizens of America trumpet the problems in our system. It's healthy. But those who live in other countries shouldn't concern themselves in internal American matters that they don't understand and can only offer their opinion upon.

As a non-US citizen I would observe that when I took the online naturalisation tests for US citizenship (out of general interest and without prior study) I scored a very healthy pass, which is something I doubt that many US citizens could do without study beforehand. I would also observe that I have probably read far more texts on the American political system than the majority of the US public. In short, I have no difficulty whatsoever in viewing myself to be perfectly able to comment on US politics and political theory; and am therefore somewhat annoyed at being told that I should not concern myself with such matters. In fine, I will concern myself in whatever matters I damn well want to. Alles Klar?

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