virus: Re: resentment

From: Lester M. Stacey (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 15:09:44 MDT

Thanks to Michelle and Fred for your responses.

I am struck by the fact that if I have a headcold, you probably won't condemn me for it. But if I have a brain that is genetically vulnerable to certain ideas, then I am condemned and ridiculed. Clever individuals often indulge in snideness. And I just don't see any benefit being generated by that.

Today I calculated how many hours I have left in my life to devote to social participation. It is a small enough figure to selectively motivate my seeking friendliness among fellow humans regardless of the momentary state of their neural networks or belief configurations.

If I take a person's belief configurations as a condition of limitation in whatever sense, then I probably take myself as less limited. And I probably ought to take myself as a bit more responsible for amicable relations--since the other one can't help themselves. Why would a really clever person argue with someone of such a limited mentality? May as well engage a three year old in polemics...but only if you have unlimited time?


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