Re: virus: Fw: [ExistentialFreedom] resentment

From: Fred Duhly (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 11:37:35 MDT

(I've been learning about voltages and circuits and didn't sleep last
night. That is the perspective this post is coming from):

I am curious about the idea that different ways of coming to a certain
conclusion could be taken as equivalent. Sort of like energy levels in
thermodynamics, it doesn't matter what path you taken to get there, you
are at the same 'energy' despite the path. Of course different paths
might require different amounts of work to be done and their may be
extreme conditions along other paths that make them... undesirable.

For most people, expanding love and humility is much easier than
reasoning. I guess it depends on where they are coming from. Maybe that
is the path of 'least resistance' from whence most people come.

What can be learned from seeing that there Are different paths that end
in the same conclusions? I dunno. Maybe it just points out our


On Monday, July 8, 2002, at 09:31 AM, michelle wrote:
> Even ex-smokers exhibit this kind of cycle, to say nothing of the
> ex-religious. For most people, though, it's not a next step of
> _reasoning_ that leads them there, it's an expansion of humility and
> love.

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