Re: virus: Re:Back off, I\\\'m psychic!

From: rhinoceros (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 21:18:50 MDT

Virians, I am psycho/telekinetic and guess what?! You can be ONE TOO!! This is what you dark room with low lights, one horny hetero(bi)sexual man naked waist down and one(or more) healthy, attractive female with gorgeous boobies(a bamboo stick with titties-like globular objects slapped onto the top part might work too). Place attractive female in front of the horny man. Watch the bits stir and move without any other means of assistance. Show it your friends at parties, meetings and games...and dazzle them!

This is encouraging. So, even if I miserably fail to cause telekinesis, I am still a fairly good object for telekinetic experiments myself.

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