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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 14:33:05 MDT

Have you considered Armageddon, the Final War to-end-all-wars?

You're kindly invited to visit, which has just been
launched. The site is devoted to dealing with the subject of Armageddon and
related issues. We are totally neutral and our primary purpose is simply to
give floor to all those who want to understand more and/or express their
views, beliefs, worries, thoughts and feelings. Your content contribution to
the site is warmly welcomed. If have a website, we will be very appreciative
if you can provide a link in it to

David ben-Ami wrote:

The Final War [Armageddon] will last only 12 minutes. It will be a war that
will come despite the best efforts of the various nations of the world to
avoid it. One-third of mankind will be killed and one-third will be severally

There is nothing anyone can do to stop this process, not Presidents, not Prime
Ministers, not Kings. It is inevitable. It has been foreordained. It will
bring to a spectacular close this final chapter in the long history of
mankind (cited in:

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Baha'is and followers of many other faiths share
the idea of an inevitable Final Battle between the forces of good and the
forces of evil, but disagree on who is who. Also, believers in the Battle
mostly think that prophecies describing the End of Days have been fulfilled,
i.e. the End is near. Indeed, they think of it to be very near

Well, just right before the end of the world, we reckoned it as a good idea to
devote a website for this subject - the end of the world. For this purpose,
we registered a special domain: http://Armageddon.Biz.

Being a potential witness of the End of the World and Armageddon, we invite
you to visit to share with others views and
thoughts related to the subject matter. Feel free to sign up for membership.
Membership is currently FREE and would enable you to contribute content
rather than just staying at the receiving end.

Do not waste valuable time, perhaps not much of it is left. The End may be
nearer that you think. Visit now and tell the world
what you think.

Looking forward to your visit to, we remain.


The Armegdon.Biz Team

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