virus: Nathan Myhrvold's "The Invention Factory"

From: Walter Watts (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 08:08:19 MDT

Microsoft's former technology chief, Nathan Myhrvold, is branching out.
He's looking for industries where efficiencies multiply every couple of
years—in infotech, sure, but biology too.

Nathan Myhrvold looms as one of today’s great polymaths. Master’s
degrees in geophysics and space physics at age 19, doctorate in
mathematical and theoretical physics and an apprenticeship under Stephen
Hawking, presidency of a software company—and all this before becoming
Microsoft’s chief technology officer. He spearheaded the founding of
Microsoft Research, one of the world’s most influential computer science
labs, and played a leading role in a number of the company’s development
projects, including some that contributed to Windows NT and Windows CE.
Along the way he found time to train as a gourmet chef and learn to
drive race cars. More recently, Myhrvold’s been digging for dinosaurs
and mastering photography: his office is adorned with photos from trips
to Hawaiian volcanoes, Alaskan tundra and the California desert.

To read the article from this month's "Technology Review" entitled "The
Invention Factory", click below:


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