RE: virus: DMT was: Hyperdimensional Physics?

From: Kalkor (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 03:30:30 MDT

im curious what if any information has been published on this topic as i
like to be very well informed about drugs before i try them and dmt is one i
have not tried

any references to scientific journal articles or anything of that nature
would be greatly apppreciated

I'd start at the Lycaeum's Triptamine archive
and the Erowid DMT Vault (

Hope this helps start you off. There is also a lovely rant by Terrence
McKenna about his first DMT experience and something about "jeweled,
self-dribbling basketballs" in a song by Spacetime Continuum on their album
"Alien Dreamtime"
it's #3, Alien Love.

Shpongle sampled the rant on their song "A New Way to Say Hooray"



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