Re: Re:virus: brain and spirit

From: Bruce W McLain (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 18:04:04 MDT

Hermit, I just have to make a minor correction. You said "I remember an
exiting Hawking lecture (just before he lost the ability to talk so late
70s) where he explained, "black holes have no hair [Hermit: i.e. do not
radiate]." Today we are fairly sure that this is not so, and that the
radiation is due to "Hawking radiation" - also predicted by Hawking." Your
interpretation of "black holes have no hair" is incorrect. What it means is
there is no attribute that can be used to distinguish any point or region of
the event horizon from another. In fact a black hole is completely described
by location, momentum, mass, spin, charge, and color. It has no other
attributes and none of the attributes can be used to identify any point on
the event horizon from another.

If we call the event-horizon and everything it contains the black hole then
"Hawking radiation" is not radiated by the black hole. It is radiated from
the space immediately around the black hole. It appears as spontaneous
particle-antiparticle pairs in the highly curved metric. One of the
is captured, while the other escapes as "Hawking radiation."

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