Re: virus: Lewis over Tyson

From: Michelle (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 09:40:35 MDT

> Call me whatever, but I really enjoyed seeing the convicted rapist
> motherfucker taking it up his own arse (Fig.).
> Walter

Exactly one of the finer things about the fight. Everyone was hoping
(apparently except for Shaqille O'Neill) that Tyson would get what's coming
to him for being a bad sportsman and bad guy. Lewis may be a big talker,
but wouldn't you be if you were heavyweight champ of the world?

There's a real elegance to boxing done correctly. Elegance in the
mathematical sense. It is, after all, a martial art, and a good boxer in a
challenging fight can look as good as Bruce Lee in a cool movie.

Walt, did you see the movie Ali?

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