Re: virus: Lewis over Tyson

Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 07:50:17 MDT

[Bodie] If I wanna see 2 guys kicking the living shit outta each other I can
go down to the local army pub and watch it for free, I don't see the point
of paying all that money just to see the same thing

[Jake] Yeah, but it wouldn't be Lewis and Tyson, and nobody except maybe
their acquaintances will be talking about it the next day. I do see your
point, however. I personally didn't pay the money to see the fight. I
really like talking about it more than actually seeing it. I do have to
admit however, that boxing and a few other combat sports do seem to have a
certain primal fascination for me, as much as I may otherwise think of it as
an "uncivilized." On the few occasions that I have actually watched boxing
matches, I have generally stuck around to see how they end. I guess it
satisfies the curiosity of my inner killer ape.


On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, Walter Watts wrote:

> I just spent $55.00 U.S. to see Lennox Lewis kick the living shit out of
> Mike Tyson!!!
> There is a god!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Walter
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